About suretrac tires

Suretrac Tire is one of the brands manufactured and registered by STARIDGE INC.

Suretrac brand tires meet strict local and international standards, and are sure to satisfy anyone who chooses to take them for a spin! Suretrac product lines offer applications in consumer applications for passenger vehicles, crossovers, sport utility vehicles, light trucks, special trailers, and commercial uses for medium trucks.

Suretrac tire products include:

  • High performance (HP) & ultra performance (UHP) touring tires designed to fit both passenger vehicles and SUVs;
  • Light truck tires with all-season, all terrain and mud-terrain and true durability;
  • Full-sized white side wall tires designed for all-weather use;
  • Ever-increasing selection of steer, drive, all-position, trailer and mixed-service commercial truck tires (TBR) of over 20 tread patterns designed for regional, long-haul, and on/off road applications;
  • Specialty trailer tires, in additional to winter tires and commercial van tires.

Manufactured using state-of-art facilities, Suretrac tires have successfully competed in a global market. We pride ourselves on distributing good quality products with customer-proven real-world performance. Suretrac tires offer a great combination of appealing attributes and unmistakable value.

Why Choose Us


Wide variety and stable lineups


We stand behind our products


We offer quality and tested products to insure your satisfaction


Our products have been well received and proven by worldwide customers


Over 15-years exporting and customer service experience


We offer competitive prices and cost-effective solutions

What people say?

If it's Bang for the buck you're looking for...did so for a few reasons. First and Foremost I need a tire for my little 4x4 that was more aggressive than a M+S tire and yet still civilized on the streetAlso, I was looking for the Best Bang for the Buck.... I would say that the Tread Pattern on the SureTrac is Radial A/T is somewhere between an A/T and an M/T. It's more aggressive than your standard A/T with deeper lugs and wider voids however, not so much that it loses it's street manners. ...at this time I'm quite pleased with my purchase.